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PPA Cover

PPA Cover

Our PPA Provision will provide your school with a minimum NGB Level 2 qualified coach, who has had experience in a school setting previously. We will work with you to make a bespoke package that suits your school, teaching staff and children to ensure we reach the best outcomes.

We have a peer reviewed, multi-sport curriculum which can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each school and class to make sure there are clear learning outcomes and progression can be reviewed on a lesson by lesson basis.

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Group and individual assessments are available, to ensure targets are being met and children are able to see their own progress.

On top of your traditional sports, we can also offer sessions on healthy eating, mental wellbeing, keeping active at home and dance.

Interested? Contact Mike Phillips, Schools Development Manager at mike.phillips@itfc.co.uk to find out more!

"Sport is a brilliant tool. We have a lot of Roman children in the school who struggle to fit in with the maths and English lessons but when it comes to music and performance arts, which we’re good at, it’s brilliant. Now we can add sport into the mix, it allows all the children to be able to shine in some way.

The coaches are great. They’re doing the curriculum that I’m asking them to lead. They’re introducing the children to sports they might not have had. We’re actually a really land-locked school in that our place for doing sport outside is really limited. A lot of coaches have come and gone ‘I can’t teach on that.’ The Ipswich Town Foundation coaches have adapted, they’ve worked on it and they’ve built some good links with other organisations so that we can use some other sites if we need to."

Kate Hodgetts, Headteacher at St Helen’s Primary School, Ipswich

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