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Studies show that exercise before school helps improve attentiveness in class, our enthusiastic coaching team will help your children wake up their bodies and minds before school starts with our breakfast clubs!

Our lunchtime sessions are a great way to engage your children in semi-structured sport, in an environment that is familiar to them whether it’s a new sport, supporting the learning of an existing sport, or engaging with less active children our experienced team will be on hand.

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Our ever popular After School Provision will give children the chance to learn and thrive in a more relaxed environment, to try new things and make new friends. Whether it’s looking into a new sport or enhancing previous learning, our schools coaches will maximise time and potential. We offer a variety of payment methods, from school invoicing to our own booking and payment systems for individual parents to pay directly to us.

Interested? Contact Mike Phillips, Schools Development Manager at mike.phillips@itfc.co.uk to find out more!

"I’ve seen a huge increase in confidence from the children. More of the children are putting their names forward for being part of the school teams now. They don’t care if they don’t win. We didn’t have this a year ago but now we’ve got children volunteering left right and centre.

Sometimes you’ve got children that need that release within sport to help them with their well-being, behaviour and control. Sport helps children to regulate their behaviour, understand teamwork and communication. The guys are really good at getting that across."

Kate Hodgetts, Headteacher at St Helen's Primary School, Ipswich

"It’s brilliant since the Trust came back. They run a football club for us on a Tuesday. 32 of our kids come down here every Tuesday after school. We don’t have any grass at our school, we’ve just got a playground. To be able to come here and use the astro turf is a great opportunity."

Ben Andrews, Sports Coach at St Matthew's Primary School, Ipswich

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