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Published October 27, 2023

Community Kit Donation Bin Launched

The Foundation is pleased to introduce a Kit Donation Bin, which is now accessible to all members of the local community.

This new initiative allows individuals to contribute new or used football kits and boots to those who can benefit from them. The Kit Donation Bin will be stationed the FanZone marquee on matchdays, ensuring convenient and discreet access for everyone, with no obligation to donate in return.

Beyond its community support, this program will also serve as a crucial resource for those who may have difficulty acquiring football kit for themselves or their children. As well as this, it also plays a part in the Club’s continued environmental commitments by preventing surplus kits and boots from ending up in landfills and enabling local recycling for future use.

For more information on the Foundation’s environmental work, contact Environmental Sustainability Officer Max Wilkes-Barker at