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Published October 16, 2023

Restart a Heart Day 2023

As part of Restart a Heart Day, which is a national campaign aimed at raising public awareness surrounding cardiac arrests and highlighting the significance of CPR training, the Club’s Foundation teamed up with the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust to conduct CPR sessions at local Foundation partner schools in Ipswich.

During these sessions, the resuscitation team from Colchester Hospital delivered CPR training to more than 100 local students, ranging in age from eight to ten hailing from Claydon Primary, East Bergholt Primary, and Castle Hill Infant and Junior School. In addition to the medical professionals, Club staff were present to engage with the young students, highlighting the importance of understanding CPR in sports settings, with various incidents often reported at large venues and events such as football games, both on and off the pitch.

It is documented that early defibrillation within 3–5 min of collapse can increase survival rates by up to 50-70%, with 61% of people not being confident to use a defibrillator.

Following the visits to these three schools, the Club had the opportunity to speak with Jade and Hannah, both of whom work within the NHS in roles that have a significant focus on CPR training and delivered the sessions throughout the day.

“It’s vital that children get this education early. It’s important that CPR is a life skill they feel confident with, and are able to take it into adulthood, as these skills may save somebody,” Jade who is a Resuscitation Officer said.

Hannah, who is a Paediatric Nurse by background, continued, “even though we work in hospitals and have a lot of exposure to CPR, it’s those in the real world that might be first on scene with people that need help.”

The Foundation’s Schools Development Manager, Chris Scopes, who was also present at the sessions also emphasised the importance of CPR training to children.

“Educating young people is incredibly important. CPR is something that everyone should have an understanding of, regardless of age.

“The Club now has four defibrillators located at Portman Road, for use should there be an emergency. While it is common that a medical professional will usually be onsite to assist, unfortunately this can’t always be the case, which is why an early understanding of how to help is vital.”

Supporters are advised to take time to familiarise themselves with how to use CPR, by viewing the resources provided by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust here.