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Published August 21, 2023

Wes Burns visits Frame and Powerchair Football Sessions

Town winger Wes Burns was in attendance at Suffolk One for the launch of the Foundation’s new Powerchair Football session, as well as the Frame Football session, on Sunday morning.

Less than 24 hours after playing a crucial role in Town’s 1-0 away win at QPR on Saturday, Wes took time to meet the participants, getting involved in activities and training drills in both the Frame and Powerchair sessions.

Late last month, the Foundation announced the launch of its new Powerchair Football sessions, designed to provide a safe and inclusive space for people of all ages who require the use of a powerchair for mobility to engage in football. The sessions take place on Sunday mornings between 11 and 12, with the sessions being held at Suffolk One.

The Powerchair sessions follow on directly from the Foundation’s Frame Football sessions, which provide a chance to reap the benefits of playing football for children who utilise walking aids like frames or crutches.

To find out more about the Foundation’s growing disability provision, contact Health and Wellbeing Manager Leanne Smith at