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Published May 17, 2023

Dementia Action Week 2023

Ipswich Town Foundation is proud to be supporting Dementia Action Week this year.

The campaign, which is led by the Alzheimer’s Society, started on Monday and runs until Sunday, 21 May.

The theme of this year’s Dementia Action Week is diagnosis.

With a sustained drop in dementia diagnosis rates, the Alzheimer’s Society are highlighting the key barriers to and benefits from getting a diagnosis.

The key barriers they identified included misconceptions around memory loss being a normal part of ageing, denial, and the time it takes to be given a specialist referral.

The Alzheimer’s Society have found that 9 in 10 people living with dementia said they had benefitted from a professional diagnosis. Of those who waited to get a diagnosis, three in five wished they had seeked a diagnosis sooner.

Across the UK, the Alzheimer’s Society is working with individuals and organisations to encourage people who are concerned about dementia to seek out advice and information.

The Club and the Foundation will be highlighting the help available and the work delivered in the community to support those living with and caring for people with dementia.

To learn more about the work the Alzheimer’s Society are doing, click here.