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Published May 4, 2023

Tommy Joins Academy

Tommy, a participant at our Needham Market Advanced Training Centre, has progressed through the Foundation player pathway and signed for the Club’s Academy.

Tommy was identified during the current season playing for his local Club Broomfield in Essex by Academy scout Lee Honeywood, whilst also being recommended by another Ipswich Town staff member throughout his years developing in the Foundation player pathway. Tommy will join the Academy U12s, making him the fifth player to progress from the Foundation player pathway so far this year.

“The importance of the Foundation’s player pathway is evident, as the coaching and games programme provides long term support for boys to develop their all-round game,” Head of Academy Recruitment Alex Kaufman has said.

“With Tommy being identified at grassroots and through the Foundation, he then spent a couple of weeks with our Academy team in the newly launched Futures Group before achieving his Academy trial.

“We look forward to continuing to provide a platform for boys excelling with the Foundation to achieve further opportunity with our Academy.”

“Tommy has done well and has earned his opportunity by consistently performing at a high standard in training and during fixtures against other professional clubs,” added Bradley Joy, Boys Football Development Manager at the Ipswich Town Foundation.

“Tommy has proven that with hard work and having the willingness to develop there is an opportunity for players to achieve their dreams of becoming an Academy player and progressing through the pathway.

“We wish Tommy all the best in the next chapter of his football journey.”

Everyone at the Foundation would like to congratulate Tommy and wish him all the best for the future.