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Published April 18, 2023

Foundation Deliver Laptops with FIND

As part of the Foundation’s partnership with Families in Need (FIND), the Foundation helped FIND deliver laptops to a family in Ipswich ahead of last week’s Foundation Fixture.

FIND a warmer community was set up with the aim of encouraging supporters, staff and everyone associated with Ipswich Town to do their bit for families and individuals not as fortunate. 

The campaign, which was launched with the cost of living crisis in mind, focuses on supporting people with warm items such as hats, gloves, scarves, hot water bottles and socks.

Thanks to donations from Town supporters, FIND were able to purchase two laptops for a family in Ipswich. Jayesh and Danu are both in school but had struggled to complete essential work due to not having an electronic device to support their learning.

“These laptops will help us because we’ve been doing our work on paper which is much harder” Danu has said.

“We’ve been struggling with learning since the Covid pandemic,” Jayesh added. “These computers will help us a lot with catching up with work, homework, and will help with our progress”.

Alongside the Foundation’s Community Engagement Officer Leanne Smith on the day was Maureen Reynel MBE, founder of FIND.

“I don’t think thanks are enough to everybody who contributed to that fund [FIND a warmer community],” Maureen said.

“Coming here today and seeing the delight of the boys to receive their own computers; they’re going to really be able to resource all the tools that they need for learning.

“This is a family that has been on a long journey. The mum was very sick and in a coma for three months and she’s now slowly recovering.

“This is a home filled with love and care for one another, and to be able to come here and give them this gift because of the generosity of so many fans is incredible.”

“[The Club and Foundation] have been to the foodbank and had great fun pre-Christmas packing up boxes – it’s been an amazing journey” Maureen added, discussing the ongoing partnership between the Club, Foundation and FIND.

“I feel as through we really belong at Ipswich Town Football Club. We have one of your lovely players as one of our volunteers [Dom Ball] and there is this wonderful togetherness and showing of what community really means.”