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Published April 6, 2023

McKenna | The Connection Between the Players and the Community is Genuine

Town boss Kieran McKenna has given his thoughts on the work the Foundation are carrying out and the involvement of the first team players.

“I’m always really proud to see it and I’m really proud to lead that group,” McKenna said at Wednesday night’s Fans’ Forum.

“I know that the Club and the Foundation do some fantastic work and of course there’s things that the players have to go to and are invited to, but I see how ready they are to go and see how willing they are to put themselves forward, how they actually want to go over and above to do extras beyond what the requirements are from the Club, and how positively they talk about those things behind closed doors as well.

“It’s been well publicised some of the work they’ve been doing, George [Edmundson]’s work with the disability teams and how much he has a passion for that, he really enjoys connecting with those guys which is fantastic to see.

“You’ve got Samy with the refugee project recently, and again something really important to him and his family.

“Speaking to Conor after the Frame Football that he went to on Sunday morning – and again that’s something that’s quite relevant to me and my family through a niece of mine – about how much he enjoyed it going out, of course that’s after a big game at Derby and having played on the Saturday afternoon.

“I was speaking to him on the Monday morning and he loved it, the kids were amazing and he couldn’t believe how they could move the ball with the frame.

“The feeling that you get from the players when they come back from these things is really genuine and I’ve been in football long enough to know that’s not always the case.

“Sometimes it’s a part of the job but with this group of players and the community I feel like the connection is really genuine.”

Next weekend’s game with Charlton is the Club’s annual Foundation Fixture, formerly Community Day. As part of the event, supporters are encouraged to donate to the Foundation to help to improve and further grow the work carried out to support the community across the region. On the day, fans will be able to donate to the Foundation inside and around the ground through bucket collections which will include contactless devices for those looking to donate by card.

The Foundation will have an enhanced on the day presence, with more inflatables available for supporters to use in the FanZone, and Foundation content to be shown on the big screen in the stadium pre-match and at half-time.