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Published December 6, 2022

George Edmundson visits PDC

George Edmundson visited the Foundation’s open access PDC sessions in Bury St Edmunds yesterday evening.

The Town defender took part in the session and spent time answering questions from the players.

At the end of the session, George handed autograph sheets to each player and posed for photos.

“It was great to come along this evening and see some of the other activities that the Foundation put on.” said George.

“You can see how enthusiastic the young kids are and the coaches do really well to power that enthusiasm into football.

“This is just a great place for boys and girls to come and enjoy themselves, playing the sport they love and making friends.”

Player Development Centres (PDCs) offer players and goalkeepers the chance to receive quality technical coaching sessions at venues situated in key areas across Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. For more information, contact