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Published November 11, 2022

Freddie Ladapo visits Old Buckenham Hall School

Ipswich Town striker Freddie Ladapo visited one of the Foundation’s after school clubs at Old Buckenham Hall School yesterday evening.

Freddie got involved with the session, playing in multiple games and matches before signing items and posing for photos with participants.

Our after school provision gives children the chance to learn and thrive in a more relaxed environment, to try new things and make new friends. Whether it’s looking into a new sport or enhancing previous learning, our schools coaches maximise time and potential.

“It was great to come along to another Foundation session, I really enjoy myself every single time.” said Freddie.

“I’ve been to a few sessions since I joined and each time the children are so enthusiastic about the Club.

“They were loving their session and hopefully they went home with a smile on their face.”

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