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Published November 9, 2022

FIND a warmer community

The Club and Ipswich Town Foundation have launched a campaign to help charity partner FIND (Families in Need) support people in the local area during the winter months. 

FIND a warmer community aims to encourage supporters, staff and everyone associated with Ipswich Town to do their bit for families and individuals not as fortunate. 

The campaign, which has been launched with the cost of living crisis in mind, focuses on supporting people with warm items such as hats, gloves, scarves, hot water bottles and socks.

A Crowdfunder page has been set up here, where fans can donate towards the cost of purchasing items.

FIND have requested that items received are brand new as they believe that all children should open a present that is their own, and similarly that all members of our community deserve to have clothing that is not pre-owned.

Maureen Reynel MBE, founder of FIND, said that the demand for their services continues to grow.

“There has been a real upsurge in need,” she told the Club website. “The need has escalated. 

“In some weeks we’re sending out 150 food parcels and our furniture van is going out twice a week. 

“It’s obvious that people are in dire straits. The race is on to get people equipped for the onslaught of what could be an awful winter. Ipswich Town represents more than just the Football Club, it represents a community so let’s all pull together.”

Staff from the Club will be giving up their time to support FIND’s team of volunteers ahead of the festive period.

They will be making up parcels which will contain warm items and food as well as match tickets and information on the Foundation’s free holiday camps for disadvantaged children, which are run in partnership with Ipswich Borough Council.

Participants on the Foundation’s varied initiatives are also being encouraged to donate items of new clothing towards the cause.

Leanne Smith, the Foundation’s Community Engagement Coordinator, said: “We feel as a Club and as a Foundation that it’s massively important to support this initiative, especially given the cost of living crisis.

“We work with children as young as five. It’s important that they know that there are issues out there and that not every child is lucky enough to get presents under the Christmas tree. 

“Staff from the Club and the Foundation will be going up to FIND to support them in making their Christmas boxes that support families and individuals who are struggling.”

A focus is, understandably, often placed on supporting those less fortunate during the Christmas period, however FIND’s work is of paramount importance year-round.

With that in mind, the Club will be hosting a foodbank collection in the FanZone at Portman Road ahead of the fixture against Plymouth on Saturday, 14 January.

“Every time I see on the back of someone’s car that a dog isn’t for Christmas I think, ‘a human being isn’t just for Christmas’ either,” Maureen continued. 

“Christmas impacts December and January. We will have that food ready for people who may have overspent at Christmas and need some help.”

Supporters can donate to the Crowdfunder page for FIND a warmer community by clicking here.

Please give generously. Thank you.