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Published October 12, 2022

Vincent-Young visits Claydon Primary to celebrate Black History Month

Kane Vincent-Young visited partner school, Claydon Primary School yesterday afternoon alongside Foundation Trustee, Dan Palfrey, who presented an assembly promoting equality, diversity and inclusion from an early age.

The assembly focused on iconic black players who have played the game over the years whilst teaching the children about the importance of respecting people of all races. The school have been focusing on key black figures of the past such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

Fans can keep updated and get involved with the Foundation’s coverage and celebrations during October by using the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth.

“It was great to come down and chat to the children about Black History Month,” said the Town defender.

“The kids were really receptive and it was nice to see a school have such a progressive attitude to the subject.

“We have seen a lot incidents of racism and it has been magnified over recent years and it starts with education at a young age.”