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Published October 3, 2022

Freddie Ladapo attends Foundation session in Norfolk

Town forward Freddie Ladapo visited the Foundation’s PDC and EPDC sessions in Thetford, Norfolk on Thursday evening.

Freddie joined in with multiple mini matches before answering questions from the group, presenting the children with some signed programmes and posing for photos.

“We’re nearly an hour away from Ipswich in Norfolk and there are still some Town fans in the group – it’s amazing to see,” Freddie said.

“It was great to come to another Foundation session, apart from a supporter of a certain club throwing the ball at my head!” he joked. “I came to one a few weeks ago and really enjoyed getting involved so it was good to come to another one.

“The fans make the long journeys to come and watch us play so it is only right that we repay the favour and come out to these areas and get involved in the community sessions.”