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Published September 7, 2022

Foundation new staff intake

The Foundation are delighted to announce a new intake of full-time and part-time staff that will join over the course of August and September.



Charlie Lloyd – High Performance

George Lewis – Schools

Isla Goodchild-Button – Schools

Jody Wright – Schools

Lauren Revill – Community


Tom Marsden – Post 16 Football and Education Tutor

Ricci Butler – Post 16 Football and Education Officer

Eloise King – Post 16 Coach

Sam Warnes – Post 16 Coach

Mia Sibbons – Post 16 Football and Education Sports Therapist

Alex Cook – Post 16 Football and Education Officer (MCA6)

Jason Dozzell – Post 16 Coach


Paul Cremer – Schools Development Coordinator 

Dan Fargher – Schools Development Coordinator 

Joe Poole-Marriott – Schools Development Coordinator 

George Tillbrook – Schools Development Coordinator 

Elliot Meyre – Schools Development Coordinator 

Dean Shaw – Schools Development Coordinator


 Kirsty Guest – Workforce Development Officer


Serving as the Ipswich Town Football Club’s charitable arm, the Foundation was relaunched in September 2019 as the ‘Community Trust’ with a focus on delivering a range of initiatives to the local community.

Since then we have expanded considerably, with just under 50 contracted staff compared to just three when we returned three years ago.

The Foundation now engages with more than 8,000 children and vulnerable adults each week, while a board of 15 trustees help to drive standards and maintain the vision.