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Published September 5, 2022

Foundation present at Cornhill Recycling Roadshow

On Thursday 1 September the Foundation was part of the Cornhill Recycling Roadshow, working alongside the Ipswich Borough Council’s Recycling education team, Rubbish Walks Ipswich and WasteSavers. The event helped promote the work these groups are doing in Ipswich to spread knowledge of proper recycling etiquette, and have a bit of fun!

The Foundation attended to promote our own work on environmental sustainability, and show people how they take control of their energy usage with smart meters through our partnership with smart energy GB. We set up one of our inflatables for kids to have a kick around the Cornhill, and Bluey even made a visit, alongside DiGBY, the Recycling education Octopus.

This event coincided with the club’s Think Smart, Think Blue, Recycle campaign. The initiative, which originally began in March 2020 but was disrupted by the impact of Covid-19, seeks to educate and raise awareness of the importance of recycling and the impact of plastic pollution.

In the last 60 years, six billion tonnes of plastic waste has been created, and only nine percent of it has been recycled. Every year we throw away enough plastic to circle the world five times.

In Ipswich, 1,800 tonnes of recyclable materials are put in black rubbish bins by households every year – that’s the equivalent of 142 double decker buses.

Supporters will see lamppost banners and branded up bins in the town centre as well as at Portman Road which will carry key messages about the importance of recycling, while bin lorries have once again been wrapped in Think Smart, Think Blue, Recycle branding which includes the Club mascots Bluey and Crazee.

The Foundation will also be working with the council to educate the younger generations by running assemblies in our partner schools, the first of which is scheduled to take place during Recycle Week at the end of the month.